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Land & Buildings

How land and buildings will be dealt with during the conversion process will largely depend on the type of school which is converting (for example a community or foundation school) and who owns the land the school sits on.

In most cases, the land will be owned by the Local Authority who will normally grant a 125 year lease over the property at a nominal (peppercorn) rent. We will advise you on all aspects of the lease and its impact on the academy post conversion.

We will work with the Local Authority’s surveyor and undertake a site visit to ensure that all the land and rights (such as access) which the school needs to operate are transferred under the lease arrangements. Many schools have extensive grounds and we can advise on shared use issues, boundary disputes and on non-school buildings such as Sure Start Centres.

We will also provide you with a detailed report on title so you are well aware of any issues which affect the land and so we can deal accordingly with any potential issues.

In circumstances where the land used by the school is not owned by the Local Authority, then the land transfer will need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and we can assist in identifying the owners of the land and advise in obtaining the necessary consents to make conversion possible.

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