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We have collected together a list of the most important questions about school to academy conversions. 

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How long does it take to convert?

Every school’s conversion is different and so timescales inevitably vary – a typical conversion will take 3 months provided there are no complicated issues. We can convert in shorter timescales where circumstances allow.

How much does conversion cost?

The cost of conversion will depend on each school’s individual circumstances. At present, schools are eligible for a £25,000 grant to assist with the cost of converting to academy status. Further, we will provide you with a fixed fee to enable you to budget your conversion.

Who can become an academy?

At present, any school which is performing well can apply to convert as a single academy (i.e. not part of a chain or umbrella trust). Schools can also submit joint applications with other schools providing at least one of the schools is performing well.

What are the benefits of converting?

The relevant benefits of converting will vary according to a school’s circumstances. Many academies enjoy the autonomy and freedom being an academy brings. Heads of converted academies share their experience here.

What happens if the academy gets into financial difficulty?

The Funding Agreement requires an academy to maintain strict budgetary controls and balance their budgets. The YPLA monitors the financial position of academies on behalf of the Secretary of State and if a deficit occurs or appears likely then it will intervene and work with the academy to find an appropriate solution to balance the budget.

My school is a church school – can we still convert?

The short answer is yes and we’ll work closely with you and your diocese to achieve conversion.

Can we withdraw from the conversion process?

Yes schools are able to withdraw from the process at any time until the Funding Agreement is signed.

As an academy are we still paid per pupil?

Funding under academy model is based on pupil numbers with extra funding to reflect services which an academy has to provide instead of the Local Authority.

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